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Since 2001, Silicon Networks has been a Symbol Technologies partner, providing warehouse management solutions for rack to trailer near real time solutions. Zebra technologies provided label printers and components for the overall solutions. In 2007, Motorola Solutions acquired Symbol Technologies, which sold handheld ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID readers and bar-code scanners. During the Motorola era, we provided clients with Motorola supplied Symbol hand held scanners and Zebra printing solutions. Our supplier, ScanSource, provided access to both Symbol Technologies and Zebra product lines.

In April of 2015, Zebra Technologies acquired Symbol Technologies from Motorola. Scansource is still the distributor of choice, representing both Symbol Technologies and Zebra product lines.

What Silicon Networks can do with Zebra products is design a wireless warehouse management system from rack to trailer in almost real-time accounting.

Using the Pervasive Data Base, we can provide a a custom solution from Website order, pick ticket, lift transaction, staging ticket, and trailer identification. Ownership identification throughout the process in possible, and through our accounting database, the ownership record can be changed at each stage of the process.

Inventory Control

Silicon Networks can provide reporting capability, tracking one SKU through the process, and at anytime reporting where the SKU is located in the process, and the real time ownership record.


Scanning with Symbol Technologies

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