Silicon Networks Group LLC

Silicon Networks Group provides Internet Access and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions on the T-Mobile network. We can provide broadband access anywhere in Rurual America. No DSL, Cable, T1, or Satellite Service? Combined with T-Mobile, we can provide 4G access on the T-Mobile broadband and deliver Ethernet access to the Internet.

For GSA clients, we can provide 4G wireless through T-Mobile and deliver Ethernet to an RJ-45 connection. Plug in any device from access point to monitoring equipment designed for a wired network, and there is immediate access to the Internet.

Service Map USA and Canada

1GB of 5G data for $9.95
5GB of 5G data for $25
10GB of 5G data for $35
30GB of 5G data for $45
50GB of 5G data for $60

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