About Silicon Networks

Silicon Networks offers IBM and Lenovo computer solutions, networking, Intranet installation, and project management. Silicon Networks can provide complete networking service from rack to trailer or container. The infrastructure group can provide design and implementation services for remote buildings, wireless connectivity, trenching, conduit installation, wiring, and secure server installation and maintenance.

Silicon Networks Group LLC is an authorized GSA Provider, shipping Lenovo computers nationwide. We also offer portable networks in a box, with workstations, server(s), telecommunications in a box for remote installations out of the box. Need that portable network running in the morning, Silicon Networks Group LLC can ship the entire network preconfigured, including Cisco Dual WAN routing, modems, servers, and workstations; desktops or laptops/chromebooks.

Ask about the Cisco Small Business Dual Band Router, providing self switching access between Charter Internet and T-Mobil Internet. In the event one connection goes down, the router switches to the second live connection, seamlessly. As 5G T-Mobile technology becomes available, the 5G connection June become the preferred network connection. Call about Silicon Networks Group Dual WAN routing solutions, providing upto 60 Mbps service for Rural Nevada.

Nevada Digital Divide: Silicon Networks Group is providing Internet Service to the Highway 50-6-95 corridor. From Silver Springs to Ely to Tonopah and back to Silver Springs, Silicon Networks Group can provide Wireless Internet with speeds upto 30Mbps Download, and almost 30Mbps Upload. Silicon Networks Group is the one Internet Service Provider with Symmetrical Service to Rural Nevada.

Nevada Business License Number: NV20161702638
Dunn and Bradstreet Number: 054879257
NCage Code: 8CLZ8

GSA Capabilities

(775) 945-9825

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