Network Design

Silicon Networks Group has been a leader in Network Design since 2001. A network is a set of devices, servers, workstations, tablets, Internet of Things (IoT) that work seamlessly together. Every network should have a Network Design element, in paper, showing all objects on the network: routers, access points, switches, and the entire network backbone. It is a blueprint for installation and maintenance.

The network design team consists of the system administrator; Internet services provider; application user and Cybersecurity professional. Part of the schema for the network is IP addressing and how to tune the network through subnetting. At what point would be beneficial to have a cloud based enterprise DNS server? What devices should be hard wired and which devices can use IPv6? Can IPv 4.3 be used in a secure network?

If wired networking is used, can existing CAT 5 cabling be used? Should CAT6 or CAT7 be installed instead? Will the existing CAT5 support two way video conferencing and Internet of Things?

How will the network design evolve with the evolution of technological devices? The Internet is fifty years old, and Relay Chat is not the definition of online communication. Silicon Networks Group can lead the Design Team for a robust 2022 network implentation in the age of the Internet of Things with robust CyberSecurity.

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