Windows Cleanup and Virus Removal

No More Ransom

Windows 10· Windows 8· Windows 7· Windows Vista· Windows XP · Windows NT

Windows 9 has limited support

Our IBM and Microsoft trained support staff can troubleshoot and repair Microsoft Windows online. The service includes removing spyware and malware signatures, trackers, possible keystroke trackers, fragment files, comprised symbolic links, cache history, temporary files, recycle bin, cookies, and identification of harmful or obsolete or redundant applications. Typical result include ten to thirty percent increase in Internet Speed, applications, and cloud connectivity. Defragment primary drive and identify lost clusters to be reclaimed. Computer must be able to boot and have Internet access.


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Desktop Not Working to Expectations? CALL NOW FOR THAT FREE ANALYSIS! 775-358-6527. We can recommend over the phone to repair or replace computer.

All repairs completed in house by IBM and Microsoft trained technicans. Since 2001, Silicon Networks Group has been a leader in computer repairs and upgrades.

Onsite Business Services Available for Fernley, Fallon, Hawthorne, and Yerington. Networking, Internet Access, and 5G Solutions. We also offer remote wireless networking: Equiping vechicles with Wireless Internet access: 5G wireless for trucks, delivery vechiles, motorhomes, and tinyhomes.


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