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Be A Peak Performer and Prepare for Coming Events. Attend our Cybersecurity Workshop and we will help business owners with their CyberSecurity blueprint.
Part of the discussion is current methodologies for startups and SMB organizations. Identification of common risk factors. One of the biggest risks is an SMB asset: EMPLOYEES.
Identify unknown risks with a document and policy review. Is current firewall technology adequate? Is the hardware asset inventory list current? Are device drivers current?
What is the current backup methodology, and have test restores been completed? Has a ransom virus simulation been conducted on a monthly basis?
What are the typical security audit recommendations, and how could they be implemented? What are the common technical recommendations, compliance issues, security policy revisions, and resource optimization plan?
This workshop will provide attendees with an action plan on how to protect and recover from a Cybersecurity attack. The goal is to train SMB managers how to protect the organization from CyberSecuirty attacks through protection, identification, and recovery.
Silicon Networks Group goal is to arm SMB operators with the best practices plus skills, attributes, and knowledge to guide the business through a Cyber Attack before it happens.

Ransom Virus

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