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Silicon Networks Group Technology Predictions for 2023

The era of work-from-home to work-from-anywhere has accelerated. The office is the beach, the motor home, or the mountain cabin. Lenovo and Hewlett Packard tablets and Chromebooks can be used for the anywhere computing front end, while Silicon Networks Internet of Things mobile access is the backend.

Anywhere anytime Internet Access in 99% of rural America. Access gmail resources from anywhere anytime and send that invoice as a PDF from the galley table on a sailboat, or a time sensitive proposal from a mountain top fire tower converted into a bed and breakfast inn. 5G and the upcoming Wi-Fi 6 is allowing for more reliability and connectivity solutions.

Start with Silicon Networks Internet in A Box Solution. A KuWFi 4G LTE Car WiFi Wireless Internet Router 300Mbps Cat 4 High Speed Industry CPE with SIM Card Slot and 4pcs External Antennas for maximum throughput. T-Mobile is the preferred carrier with 99% in the United States and Canada. Paired with a T-Mobile SIM with one month of service provided. $119





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